Thank you, everyone♡

Really nice, fabulous night!

They are really nice, and they do well to me. In front of me, she is very young and works in music industry for two years or so, but she has lol energy and love for music. She is in charge of 文化放送 right now. She always tells me variety of nice music, thanks to her first of all!

She is, sitting diagonally to me, is like one of my old friend:), and she loves music VERY MUCH as well. She did a management job before, now she works at a record company. We meet often, especially at outdoor festival or at venues to enjoy music. It’s very difficult for her to get away from music, I’m pretty sure!

Next to me, he is…he did lots of things to me when I started my DJ career. He is like a 恩人, called life saver in English? (bit exaggerating, haha) Anyway we met after a long time, maybe 10 years or so, thanks to SNS networks.

All they work at the same company now, I wonder 縁, like human networks, encountering.

It’s a bit embarassing to me to write in Japanese, to their thanks, to open my mind:)

Thanks to them, I’m able to do lots of  ‘nice’ things. They bring and intoroduce me lots of nice, wonderful musicians. Thanks to all guys who support me, I’ll do my best and try my best from now on. Thanks, thanks♡

We really enjoyed nice food and beer, alcohol, after that, we went bowling! Hey look, disaster! What a ”good” score(Especially me)!!! I’ve never had such a ”nice” score before!!!

Had a wonderful, really nice night. Again, thanks everyone and pls support me more, and we will have more interesting, hot, exciting experience and opportunities!

(And I’ll train my bowling skill to the next time…)

Today, I met also, nice and friendly people. I love them too (they work at record company, but different company the group above), she is 「気持ちのいいヤンキー」, and he is 「グダグダな幹事」♡

Once again, thanks to people who support me very much, every time. Thanks to them I’m able to do lots of things. I’ll try something interesting in radio industry a bit more time, so that help me more!


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